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Er ya’ll a Redneck?
Yew mite be a Redneck if’n y’all bought a VCR so’s yer could tape wrestlin’ while yer are at work.”

Wen Andersen refusd ta immediatelee complee wit t'officers’ deman's ta come ta t'pleece stayshun, one o't' cops grabbet hern, pushd hern agin t'wall an' took hern ta t'groun.

Pleece say Andersen resistid wile t'UVU student an' employee claims t'officers uset excessif' ferce. Andersen also claims officers tride ta han'cuff hern han's behin hern back wile she wuz a'warin a large backpack, makin at task difficult.

“Let me take my backpack off!” t'woomin a'ken be heerd tell hollerin n' t'video.

An independent revu foun at Andersen did indeet resist — bof passivelee an' activelee — an' therefere officers did nairy breek inny laws er ack inapperpriatelee, .

Andersen sez she’s mer shockd at t'pleece department deecided ta take such extreme acshun ov'r a markyun' un a map at wuz intendet ta hep studants.

Watch t'uncut video o't' arrest beloe:

T' arrest has sparket a contantiyus debate n' , sum sidyun' wit Andersen an' utherns sidyun' wit t'officers.

“Thishere woomin is whut is rong wit folk today,” one us'r wrote. “She feels so entitlet at she is above t'Law!”

“Bendyun' a 48 year old wimmen’s arm wit hern backpack un is un absolute assault. she wuz wileeun' ta cooperate yet these officers cleerlee shown brutalitee,” anoth'r us'r arguet.

Utherns had no problem wit officers issuyun' Andersen a citashun, but wunderd why a simple citashun rekwiret hern ta come ta t'pleece stayshun er face arrest.

“If'n thay wuz sent thar ta gif' hern a citashun, why didn’t thay brang it wit 'um? Thar wuz no neet fer hern ta go ta t'pleece stayshun ta receif' hern citashun,” a us'r commantid.

“I’m nairy shure I want my youngns goin ta a skool whar thay make such a big thang out o'nuthin,” anoth'r wrote.

Y'all a'kin lank h'yar: 

Whyn't a'share witcher friends?

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