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Er ya’ll a Redneck?
Yew mite be a Redneck if’n yer mom calls yer over t’hep, cause she has a flat tire...on her’n’s house!”

Larry Davis wuz mer thun willeeun' ta clar hissef o'inny wrongdoyun' an' voluntarilee took bof breth an' blood tests fer t'officers. He repertedlee blew a blood-alkyhol-content o'0.00 an' wuz testid fer seve differnt types o'drugs. T' tests lat'r kum back negatif'.

“I tole 'um I would take a blood sample as well, jes ta proov at I didn’t have innythang n' my system,” Davis .

Still, he wuz arrestid fer a DWI aft'r un offic'r felt his'n performunts un a field sobrietee test wuz subpar. He repertedlee spent a nite n' jail an' “had a fer year.”

Comman'r David Mahoney claims t'offic'r involvet n' t'case felt like t'driv'r may have bee un anoth'r drug — such as marywanna — at wasn’t part o't' drug test.

Atterney Daniel Betts, who is represantyun' Davis, sed he wuz n' “shock” wen he larnt whut happent an' receivet t'evidence. Davis an' his'n atterney repertedlee plun ta file a greevunts wit t'Austin Pleece Moniter’s offus agin t'arrestyun' offic'r.

Thar is sum controversy surroundyun' t'pleece department’s so-callt take-no-chantses policy, which repertedlee resultid n' as minny a as 30 persent o'drunk drivin cases bein dismisset by countee proseecuters n' 2011 due ta shaky evidence at woultn’t hold up n' court.

A revu by KVUE-TV foun simlar data frum 2013. “O' 5,648 new DWI cases filet las year, 1,559, a lil less thun 30 persent, wuz dismisset,” .

Wile pleece admit at arrestyun' a driv'r who testid negativelee un bof blood an' breth tests is highlee unusual, Comman'r Mahoney sort o'defendet t'offic'r who arrestid Davis.

“If'n thar is someone who is impairet, we don’t want 'um drivin. We neet ta git 'um off t'road, so at wuz probly his'n mindset,” he sed.

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