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 releeset by a Institute un Taxashun un Ekunomic Policy.

T' state’s weelthiest 1 persent o'residants, who ackwire un norml annual income o'$1.1 million, pay out onlee 2.1% o'thar income n' state an' internal taxes.

N' contras, a 20% o'South Dakotans n' a lowest-income bracket, who ackwire un norml annual income o'$11,2000,  pay sum-mer thun 5 times at ratio –– about 11.2% o'thar income.

Accerdyun' ta U.S. Census Bureeu data, South Dakota’s mediun domicile income totalet $48,010, a 28th top n' a kuntry. About 14 persent o'a 833,354 residants lif' nex a misry line.

Sales dig taxes: T' richest residants pay 1% o'thar annual income toward sales taxes, wile a lowest 20% pay 8.7%. South Dakota’s cant'r a'katergori dishes out about 6% annuallee n' sales taxes.

Propertee taxes: T' top-earnyun' 1% pay 1.6% o'thar income un propertee taxashun bills, an' a 20% earnyun' a slightest gif' 2.9% ta a taxes. Thems n' a cant'r pay about 2% un propertee taxes inny year.

Income taxes: South Dakota, like 9 , doesn’t have one.

Innybidy trayler? 

Altho South Dakota’s taxashun complimint mite druther a weelthy, it hasn’t bee adekwate ta attract large bizness (an' a folk who run 'um) ta lay down roots. 

No one listid n' a Ferbes 400 calls South Dakota trayler an' no cumpnys n' a Ferbes 500 have thar domicile n' a state.

Regardless o'a miss o'banks an' billeeunaires, a state’s largest citee — Sioux Falls — wuz namet one o'a , remarkabull fer a appeeleeun' taxashun meridiun an' loe start-up costs compard ta vital citees.


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